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Verm-X Crunchies for Cats

Concerns over chemical use in the day-to-day management of animals ?

Verm-X Cat Crunchies are a super-premium treat with the added Verm-X feline formula.

The palatable biscuits are fed on a daily basis throughout the year, providing effective natural control of intestinal hygiene for your cat

Verm-X Cat Crunchies are made with only the best unadulterated ingredients.

Included in the recipe are real pieces of chicken and salmon together with a useful pro-biotic and the Verm-X feline formula of herbs.

They are irresistibly tasty and can be used as a reward, added to meals or used in activity play balls.

Verm-X Cat Crunchies are suitable for seniors, adults and kittens.

As well as controlling intestinal hygiene, Verm-X Cat Crunchies contain 100% natural catnip which helps stimulate cats and kittens to play and exercise.

Ideal for older cats and those prone to weight gain, with the biscuit being gentle on the digestive system

Available in 60g (15 piece) or 120g (30piece) packs

*SPECIAL OFFER* 120gm £7.50 normally £9.55. Limited offer.

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