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Verm-X for Horses & Ponies

Verm-X for Horses & Ponies

Concerned about use of chemicals for worming?

Concerned about resistance and wanting to know what other options are available?


Use Verm-X alone or alternate its use with pharmaceutical products as there are no ingredients in Verm-X that would stop the work of or inhibit the work of any ingredient used in pharmaceutical products, or vica-versa.

As well as herbs to control intestinal challenges there are herbs in Verm-X for blood cleansing and others for gut maintenance

The herbs included in Verm-X have been carefully blended together to work synergistically with each other.

Horse owners comment that their horses look extremely well following a course of Verm-X

Verm-X Equine Pellets are fed for 5 consecutive days every 3 months

Verm-X Equine Powder form is administered for 5 consecutive days every 3 months

The powder is quite fine and so does need mixing in with a feed.

The Powder form is popular with horses prone to Laminitis or Cushings as it is simply a blend of equine herbs with nothing else added

Full feeding instructions are shown on the packaging

Although the pellets can be mixed into a feed they are designed to be fed from your hand as a treat and contain a small amount of aniseed and molasses to make them extra tasty.

It is crucial that all grazed paddocks, particularly used for horses, undergo vigilant pasture management

Paddocks should always have periods of rest for several weeks at different times of the year.

Verm-X is completely natural and is ideal for horses kept on organic farms

For further information visit

Always consult with your veterinarian for your horse’s health requirements

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