Equine America Apple Lytes Granules

Equine America Apple Lytes Granules

Provides the correct mix and levels of replacement electrolytes

Electrolytes are a collection of mineral salts found in blood plasma, which are responsible for many functions in the horse’s body, including thirst and fluid balance. Sufficient levels should be provided in a natural diet but, if a horse is lacking in these vital mineral salts, it will try to seek them out from other sources including feeding on mud or tree bark.

A continual lack of electrolytes in the diet is detrimental to health, will affect performance and is linked to an increase in conditions such as Tying Up.

When horses work they lose important electrolytes through sweat, the main two being Sodium and Chloride (the constituents of salt). Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium are also lost at lower levels.

Horses in medium to hard work need higher levels of salt, along with the other electrolytes that are lost through heavy sweating and electrolyte replacers have been produced to provide this.

1.8 Kg Granules

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