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Blue Chip Karma Liquid- Calmer for horses

Blue Chip Karma Liquid Calming Supplement

•Equine Liquid Calmer
•The natural way to a calmer horse.
•Helps Nervous or Difficult Horses
•Minimises Over-Excitement, Tension and Stress
With Magnesium

1 Ltr

Blue Chip Karma is a natural calming supplement
Provides a complementary approach to helping highly strung, nervous or difficult horses and ponies to become more settled and confident making them easier to train and manage.

Just 25ml of Karma given daily can have a positive influence on temperament and performance, by helping to maintain the normal release of adrenaline and so minimising over-excitement, tension, anxiety and stress-related behaviour.

Karma provides key natural nutrients that help maintain normal blood pressure and relax muscle to maintain a healthy nervous system.

Karma 100% natural, pure nutrients can gradually encourage calmness and reduce negative responses, helping horses and ponies to become easier to ride and train.

One bottle lasts approximately 40 days

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