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Latest research has revealed that these lumps and bumps are caused by papilloma viruses. These type of virus cause wart-type problems and are very difficult to get rid of. They may very well be passed around by flies and flybites.

To date most authodox veterinary treatment has consisted of burning out the affected part of the body. This can work but there is also a good chance of any lumps returning.

The best way through these difficulties is for your horse to improve its immune system.

Modern veterinary approaches find this very difficult and often just normal feeding is not enough. If your horse needs a better immune system, super feeding is needed.

In the wild horses can ’superfeed’ by picking out all the best food ’ grass and herbs – over large areas. In the UK this is very rarely possible. Therefore at Global Herbs we advise that horse owners complement their horses diet with Sarc-Ex, a strong mix of plants which provides the missing link.

When you find the missing link for your horse, the body defences naturally fit together more effectively and problems usually fade away. At Global Herbs you usually find that 2-3 months are enough to start to see big changes in a typical horse.

■Highly effective in most horses
■Revitalises the whole body
■Immune support product
■Digestive tonic

Love the skin he’s in. Sarc-Ex it.

1kg Tub

Directions for use

-When despite good advice on management and feeding your horse remains difficult to manage
-For road work
-For everyday hacking out
-For nervousness and aggressive attitude
-For competition horses to assist in training and preparation,
-For settling horses in new environments
-For travel and stressful situations
-For overactive horses
-For behavioural concerns as advised by your vet
-To keep horses relaxed when box rest is advised

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